Expert Aestiva HTML/OS Programming


Aestiva Paperless One (P1) for Power Office: Application Development and Enhancement

Paperless One is Aestivaís premiere programming environment to build Power Office applications. The engine comes complete with all elements needed for a paperless workflow application, including approval flow, email notification, security by default, integrated reporting, and more. Read more about the Power Office engine and its Paperless One programming environment at the Aestiva web site.

Networking with HTML/OS

  • Setting up read/write from/to a TCP/IP connection
  • Setting up servers as network nodes to communicate across the internet between HTML/OS servers, and writing code that uses it appropriately and efficiently
  • Database synchronization across servers, including DBMIRRORing

Communication between Aestiva and other Applications/Databases

  • Both on the internet and in-house systems

High traffic sites

  • Refining and optimizing code for high traffic sites so that pages load faster.

Large databases

  • Increasing efficiency in database storage and in database maintenance.

Aestiva H2O installation and application development

  • Useful for limited applications, especially if you need to install it in multiple locations.

Integrating HTMLOS with Complementary Technologies

  • Javascript (Yahoo YUI, jQuery, etc)
  • AJAX
  • Flash
  • MySQL, MS SQL databases
  • PHP/Perl scripts
  • APIís (for example, for merchant accounts)

Site enhancements, Add-On Modules or Complete Site Development

Please see our Portfolio for details on sample projects

  • eCommerce, including creation of complex, custom shopping carts
  • integrating paypal, and other merchant account gateways with HTML/OS shopping carts
  • On-line catalogs
  • Financial applications
  • Complex product selectors
  • Portals
  • Intranet applications
  • Database driven applications
  • User authentication schemes, email applications, forms
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