Expert Aestiva HTML/OS Programming

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has TSI been in business?
This is TSIís 14th year in business, and 12th year as an Aestiva HTML/OS developer.
What would be the advantage of TSI's multiple HTML/OS programmers?
TSI has been reliably available to its clients for over 14 years. Working with a group of programmers means that there is always someone available who can handle an emergency or answer an urgent question.
How can outsourcing to TSI save my company money?
You only pay TSI when you need work done. Some months, this may be $100, other months it may be $1000 or $5000, but when you need someone, TSI is available and ready to assist you.
How much time can you spend on my project?
Usually we can commit to 10 Ė 20 hours/week on a project, and often up to 40 hours/week.. With special arrangement, we have committed to as high as 120 hours/week on large or urgent projects.
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