Expert Aestiva HTML/OS Programming

Portfolio of HTML/OS Projects


A manufacturing site using HTML/OS for three primary areas: (1) a complex backroom. data entry of all products and product lines, which are then posted to a legacy mysql db for display on the site, (2) a tool that builds a modular power supply from over one million possible combinations and finds the preferred modules bases on requirements, best solutions and pricing, and (3) a document sharing module allowing document areas to be managed by assigned users, passworded for edit, viewing and downloading, (4) multiple contact forms with emails routed to appropriate in-house staff based on form type, product and location of inquirer.

TSI Participation:

TSI programmed all aspects of the web site, including HTML/OS, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL/Perl, and Linux server setup and administration, implementation of graphics and layout/design. The home page header design and the slide show graphics were created by an ad agency and implemented by TSI.

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This web site offers high-end, well-regarded negotiation seminars to companies and individuals. The Aestiva programming on this web site supports a complex shopping cart with multi-language and multi-currency support, and a back room to input seminar inventory and download accounting data.

TSI Participation:

TSI programmed all dynamic aspects of the web site, including HTML/OS, JavaScript, and server setup (domain, CRONs, etc). Although the layout and design was done by an ad agency, the HTML and JavaScript implementation was performed by TSI


  • Specialized, complex shopping cart, providing the following within one web registration
    • Multiple seminars
    • Multiple attendees per seminar
    • Ability to pay for groups of attendees within one reservation with different credit cards (multiple credit cards)
    • Separate invoices generated for two different divisions of company if both US and international seminars are booked on same web reservation.
  • Supports unlimited languages (3 currently used on site)
  • Supports unlimited currencies (2 currently used on site)
  • Search by seminar location and name
  • Able to map nearby locations to specific seminars for better search results
  • Customer order data automatically updates in-house contact manager
  • Staff login for placing seminar orders made by phone
  • Admin login
    • Reports
    • List/Add/Edit/Delete new seminars, including name, date, location, prices
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BestRez is an online, full-featured reservation management system with several access points into a centralized database:

  • The most functionality is available for the lodging staff, who can log in to make reservations from a calendar grid, check guests in/out, record transactions, set up inventory (owners, properties, units, rates, holiday rules, discounts, transaction codes, etc), run reports and more.
  • Several booking methods can be used on the lodging web site; visitors to their web site can book rooms, accessing available inventory in real time.
  • Another access point is the portal system, which allows portal customers to set themselves up as a portal for a group of lodging properties, sharing a percentage of booked business.
  • A fourth access point is the ability of property owners to view the management of their units in real time with the login assigned to them by their management company. The program handles both motel/lodge as well as private homes.
  • And finally, there is an administration access for BestRez staff providing automated billing, messaging, and reporting.

TSI Participation:

This program is owned by TSI. TSI programmed all aspects of the web site, including HTML/OS, JavaScript, CSS, graphics and layout/design, and Linux server setup.


This is an application that is run on a dedicated server and is shared by many lodging and private home management companies. Each company has its own set of data, but the portals are able to quickly search all available units across companies to find matching units.

  • Ability to set up user access by program module
  • Merchant account gateway option: Secure billing of credit cards via real-time merchant account gateway
  • User friendly interface:
    • Context sensitive help module
    • JavaScript UI for calendar popups for date selection
    • Text area – display of number of characters remaining to be used
  • Advanced built-in message system between lodging companies and BestRez staff
    • Messages are delivered through the BestRez system and viewable upon login
    • Message waiting alerts and email notification
    • Message thread can be private or company wide
    • Messages are threaded, stamped when READ, categorized, urgency rating
  • Add/Edit/Delete of all maintenance database records (owner, property, unit, rate, etc)
  • Upload unlimited photos for each unit, and a primary photo for each property
  • Built-in map and directions, dynamically displayed for each property.
  • Automated billing of lodging companies
    • Auto calculation of monthly fees based on subscription (# units)
    • Auto calculation of commissions due (only for bookings referred by portals)
    • Pre- and post-billing notification emails
    • Accounting section with add/edit/view transactions by all or by lodging company
  • Calendar overview of available/booked room – a grid of 2 weeks x 50 units
    • Visually shows status & # days of booking, clean/dirty status of room
    • Optimized for fast load from multiple databases
  • Search reservations by date, status, name, reservation number
  • Units can be private (only seen by staff), inactive, or active
  • Module for property management
    • Enter transactions charged/paid to owners
    • Generate owners statements
    • Set up owner password for viewing of calendar and blocking unit by owner
  • Discounts modules
    • Set percentage discount by rate code and/or rate column
    • Optional to collect membership #, require ID at checkin, name of membership box
    • Multiple day discount for date range or all, by rate codes and/or rate columns
  • Pets options per property: none, per pet, per pet per night, flat charge
  • Advance Deposit method options: percent of total, dollar amount, first night
  • Security Deposit options per unit: none, per night, per stay
  • Customizing Tool for look of public booking pages for each lodging company
    • Upload custom image, select background colors
    • Modify CSS: font, color, size for headings, body text
    • Tool (developed in-house) is point and click, uses JavaScript and Aestiva HTML/OS
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Civicus Learning

The Civicus Learning application is an online training program with a comprehensive backroom which allows tutors to interact with students taking the course.

TSI Participation:

TSI programmed all aspects of the web site, including HTML/OS, JavaScript, CSS, graphics and layout/design, and Linux server setup.


  • Dynamic configuration allows unlimited number of portals and integration of special requirements for each portal. For example, a portal could be a training program for a corporation or an online class offered for the state of California, etc.
  • Robust, extensible system to support thousands of large portals simultaneously
  • Four available organization levels for each portal; for example: state, county, school district, school.
  • Each portal can customizably access one or more individualized courses or can share the same courses
  • Optional ecommerce module allows real-time charging of student upon registration.
  • Multiple options for accepting student into program, configurable by portal:
    • Credit card payment
    • Management and acceptance by staff
    • Entry of registered voucher number
  • Pre and post evaluation tests option.
  • Quizzes and essays throughout course. Location or use of quizzes and essays is customizable by portal.
  • Quizzes have the option of providing context sensitive help by clicking a help link beside each question. This produces a popup with text related to the question. Or, the program can be configures so that after a specified number of failures the answer will appear in the popup.
  • Option of certificate for student at the end of the course.
  • Program can generate a subset of courses out of a master course, including pulling out a subset of questions for quizzes and the final assessment.
  • Option of requiring a proctor with a code to unlock the final exam, ensuring supervised final, if important.
  • Message system within program, displaying unread messages from tutor to student upon login.
  • Administrative backroom
    • Search for students by date, portal/level, name, status
    • View full details for each student, including student information, start/stop and total time of each session, chapter, course, progress through course, essays, etc.
    • Enter approved students (if admin approval is required for this portal) or approve students that have signed up
    • Change status of students (new, pending, approved, cancelled, removed)
    • Enter contact information for each organizational level under each portal
    • Generate accounting reports: by portal, by school district, by date range, showing hours worked (previously, and this period), amount to be bill the responsible party (previous billing, current billing)
    • Download student and accounting reports in csv (MS Excel compatible format.
    • Add/Edit/Delete tutors, including set up of parameters of each.
    • Send/receive messages to/from tutors
  • Tutor backroom
    • Easily manage assigned students from a single page
    • Drill down to individual student
    • Send messages to student regarding progress and essays
    • View student progress and information
    • Send/receive messages to/from admin
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Hahnemann Laboratories Inc.

This web site consists of an online catalog of searchable homeopathic remedies which can be purchased using real-time credit card transaction with internet gateway. In addition, the program communicates with the company’s in-house system to send orders and receive account and shipping updates, to provide a nearly real-time synchronization between the two systems. There is also an online module allowing staff to remotely enter orders via the web site backroom.

TSI Participation:

TSI programmed all dynamic aspects of the web site, including HTML/OS, JavaScript, and server setup (domain, CRONs, etc). The static web site layout, design and graphics was not done by TSI.


  • Custom shopping cart to handle unique organization and pricing of products
  • Products searchable by common or scientific name, or select from alphabetical listing.
  • Different pricing levels (practitioner, retail) based on login and customer database
  • Shipping time calculated and displayed to customer based on customizable rules table (shipping method, zip code).
  • Web orders and updated customer information automatically downloaded to in-house system.
  • Order completion information automatically uploaded to web site after order shipped.
  • New order / new customer information automatically uploaded to web site.
  • Staff login
    • Enter new product remedies, add/edit/delete
    • Search customer order history, view order status
    • Intelligent customer search feature, displaying most likely matches if exact not found
    • Place new orders
    • Optional real-time billing of credit card
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Other Miscellaneous Applications

Although the company names are not publicly listed, we will be happy to provide customer web site and details upon request.

Quote Building Tool for Large Computer Peripheral (usually priced at $100K+):

This tool is accessed via login by resellers. It has the following features:

  • The quote builder has up to 60 dropdown selections, each of which is a configuration choice, and which interact with one another according to file-driven rules. As the reseller makes a configuration selection from a dropdown, when it restricts available values in other dropdowns, it does so behind-the-scenes using JavaScript. Some selections require a reload of configuration data, which is done via AJAX. This results in guaranteed valid configurations, but with no page refreshing.
  • After a configuration is created and submitted, printable pages for both the end-user quotation and the reseller is Bill of Materials is created. The data shown on these documents is dynamically created based on the parts selected in the quote, so that description and configuration are specific to the quote.
  • Reseller can view a listing of past quotes and view/reprint them.
  • Admin backroom can list quotes by date range, rep, customer, quote number, and view dollar totals for lists.

Client Document/Proofs Upload Tool:

This tool was created to allow a company to upload documents by topic, which are then available for viewing and download by employees or by their clients. This can be used for internal document distribution within a company, or, for example, by an ad agency to upload proofs for client viewing.

  • Easy set up of categories (or clients)
  • Subcategories within categories, and unlimited documents within subcategories
  • Upload an image or document for viewing or downloading, with or without a thumbnail
  • In some situations, PDF may be uploaded and converted to image, or a document mayb be auto converted to PDF
  • On view/download page, an email can be sent with file as an attachment to multiple email addresses

Membership Database:

This application was created for a nonprofit organization to track its members on a web-based system.

  • Membership add/edit
  • Download membership list
  • Add/Edit donations
  • Download donation transactions
  • Print membership card

Monthly/weekly newsletter subscription:

This application lets parents sign up for family devotions delivered in 4 weekly newsletters.

  • Client signup page puts client in database as ready for issue #1
  • Monthly CRON job sends monthly email based on month number since signup
  • Weekly CRON job sends weekly email about weeks lesson, based on signup date
  • Weekly emails link to PDF of week’s lesson.
  • All emails with opt out/cancellation link that marks customer as removed from list
  • Clients can also log into site and access current and past lessons.
  • Activity tracking to view amount of usage by client
  • Admin backroom: upload PDFs, send email to clients, view/download client list, edit/remove clients.

Online tax preparation and e-filing:

Master developers for a site offering online tax preparation and e-filing. At customer’s request, although the application was written in Aestiva, it used MS SQL database servers. Taxpayers enter tax preparation data, answer multiple screens of questions, and are presented with a PDF of their completed tax return. A routine was created to run at set times and create a file of all newly completed tax returns to the IRS and participating states.

  • Ability for taxpayer to stop in the middle of the questions and return at a later date
  • Ability for taxpayer to modify data in previous tax lines/questions, forcing a recalculate down all affected data up to current position
  • Ability for taxpayer to log in and monitor status of tax return (based on data returned by the IRS)
  • Building of files for IRS in required format for transmission to IRS
  • Converting IRS response files into data/ posting to databases

Retail Store selling high quality prints of original paintings and photos:

  • Passworded backroom allows staff to update inventory, upload images
  • Shopping cart for purchase of selected prints.
  • Search prints by medium, artist, theme
  • Browse prints by medium, artist, theme

University Medical Department Referral Center:

Provides User doctors the ability to sign in and submit cases for referral to Medical Department specialists, including secure upload of case documents such as CT scans, etc. The system alerts departmental physicians and sends responses. Complete backroom for management of users, cases, physicians and referrals.

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